pulsesink not added as audio-sink for playsink

Javiku javier.carrasco at wolfvision.net
Thu May 27 11:32:36 UTC 2021

I am having problems to add a pulsesink element to the audio pipeline I am
trying to build, which is the following: 

An appsrc supplies AAC frames that get parsed and decoded with the
corresponding elements (aacparse and avdec_aac). A playsink element where
the "audio-sink" property is set to use pulsesink is then linked to act as
the end of the pipeline. I am using a playsink element in order to get the
buffers automatically "ready" for the pulsesink pad (e.g. it only accepts
interleaved audio and linking the pulsesink to the decoder does not work
because the output is non-interleaved). 
By the way, I am generating .dot files to see my pipeline and everything I
am describing here.

Unfortunately pulsesink does not get included into the pipeline and the
playsink only contains a tee element with one sink pad. If I use a fakesink
instead (which is the default sink if the audio-sink property is set to
NULL) and everything else stays the same, then playsink suddenly contains
several elements like audioconvert, audioresample and volume and fakesink is
at the end of the pipeline. The buffers that arrive to the fakesink show the
right caps I expect them to have (audio/x-raw, F32LE, interleaved, 2
channels, rate = 48000, channel-mask = 0x3). That is exactly was I was
expecting but with pulsesink instead of fakesink at the very end. 

 I have also tried several experiments like linking the appsrc and the
pulsesink elements without anything in between just to make sure that
pulsesink is generated and linked, which actually works, but of course the
caps are not compatible. I also tried to put the pulsesink in a bin with a
filter and a queue and then use that bin as audio-sink, but that has no
effect and again playsink only contains a tee element.
Does anyone know why this might be happening?
Thanks a lot and best regards,

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