Resetting timestamps from live fMP4 uridecodebin3 sources

Keith Ferguson keith.ferguson1960 at
Mon May 31 07:14:20 UTC 2021

Q: How do you force the gstreamer uridecodebin3 to change the timestamps to
start at zero?

I am developing a gstreamer app to decode a uri from an adaptive live HLS
stream that is in the fragmented MP4 format (init.mp4 + .m4s segments). The
app uses the uridecodebin3 as the source element and the playsink as the
sink. The app works properly for uri sources of local .mp4 files, remote
recorded .m3u8 sources and live .ts sources. All these sources indicate
timestamps that start at zero.

However, the fragmented MP4 .m3u8 live sources that do not start with a zero
timestamp, correctly decode the 1st frame when entering the PLAYING state,
but do not play the stream. I have assumed that the running_time is waiting
to match the timestamps of the live stream before beginning the play back.

The test uri locations that I have setup are:

1. Working non-live source is at

2. Not working live source is at

Is there a setting, callback or other mechanism to align the non-zero
timestamps in the uridecodebin3 to the running_time of the pipeline such
that the stream will play?

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