AW: 1000 hours offset in timestamp of h264 stream

Marianna S. Buschle msb at
Mon May 31 10:49:49 UTC 2021

After a lot of digging I have managed to find the bug related to this 1000
hours offset:

So I can see how x264 is adding the offset and why.

But so far I haven't found how other elements are ignoring/removing this

I can see that if I add `mpegtsmux ! tsdemux` to the pipeline after the
`h264parse` the offset seems to be removed by the `mux` and things then work
as expected.

But I cant really see how it is doing it or how I should go about properly
fixing the interpipe elements.

So far my backup plan is to, as you say, to try re-timstamp the frames by
subtracting the offset...

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