GStreamer hangs with v4l2src, compositor, tee and fakesync

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Nov 9 13:49:51 UTC 2021

Hi Terry,

Le mardi 09 novembre 2021 à 08:26 +0000, Terry Barnaby via gstreamer-devel a
écrit :
> Hi, I wonder if anyone can point me to where I am going wrong ?
> I am working on an embedded video system and have a solid video stream 
> lockup on the pipeline start. I have reduced the problem to a 
> gst-launch-1.0 command line that fails under Fedora33 (as well as 
> Fedora29 and Centos8-stream) with default gstreamer packages installed. 
> When I run the following I see a glimagesink window with the contents of 
> the test1.png file displayed but no video stream from the webcam 
> (Logitec C920 USB). I should see the test1.png overlaying the video stream.
> If I remove the "t. ! fakesink sync=false" part it runs fine (this would 
> normally go to further processing). I have also seen lockups with a 
> similar setup using videotestsrc rather than v4l2src intermittently.

[below quote has been edited, re-indented for myself]

> gst-launch-1.0 -v \
>   compositor name=c sink_1::alpha=1.0 ! videoconvert ! glimagesink \
>    v4l2src ! jpegdec ! queue ! tee name=t \
>    t. ! queue ! c.sink_0  \
>    t. ! queue ! fakesink sync=false \
>    multifilesrc location=./test1.png caps=image/png,framerate=1/1 ! pngdec ! imagefreeze ! videoconvert ! c.sink_1 \

There is nothing suspicious about this pipeline, you have all the required queue
after tee branch and don't seem to be in an impossible "preroll" situation. I've
also tested this against dev release 1.19.3 and Fedora 35 provided build and it
works there.

Bisecting can take time, best is if you can locate a bit the cause, perhaps run
this through gdb and share a complete backtrace (make sure to install all the
dbginfo for the symbols in your backtrace). 

  gdb <path-to-executable> <pi of the hung process>
  gdb> thread apply all bt


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