want help in setting a delay in the stream.

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Tue Nov 23 04:40:28 UTC 2021

Hi ,
 I want to delay a rtp  stream by some precise amount of time
I am using a browser client which send h264 encoded (webrtc) rtp stream to
server then i pass this rtp stream to a gstreamer pipeline and add the
amount of dealy i want in the stream PTS and DTS and the receive back the
rtp stream in server and the sends back to the browser-client.

  GST_BUFFER_PTS (buffer)+=5000000000;(nano sec)
  GST_BUFFER_DTS (buffer)+=5000000000;

  browser-sender-client --->media-server---> Gstreamer-C-pipeline --->
media-server ---> browser-receiver-client

i want the stream to be played at browser-receiver-client by some precise
amount of delay from the time it was created at sender side.

but the problem is i am getting some extra delay then 5s
udp sink blocking the pipeline until the timestamp that i have changed
extra delay is due to  the amount of time stream takes to reach back
to the browser client.
and when I set udpsink to sync =false the browser plays the stream without
any delay even though I have changed pts dts in the pipeline at the server

on localhost amount of extra delay varies between 5.55 s to 5.158 s
but when i hosted to aws the amount if delay increased upto 6 to 7 s

Thank you
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