Link/Unlink elements to tee question

Bo-Kai Huang lightbulb01 at
Thu Nov 25 01:37:04 UTC 2021


I am learning GStreamer in recent months, and I am trying to link and
unlink elements to the tee multiple times.

I create a queue element with an appsink element, and I have a tee element.

Then I use a loop to link and unlink the queue element with the tee element

I check the amount of data received by the appsink in each time linked, it
works at the beginning.

But after letting the program run for a long while, the appsink never
receives new data every time linked.

I have a short sample here, and I add some comments on it:

I connect the tee source pad with the queue sink pad when linking. And I
wait for the tee source pad to be idle and disconnect/release the tee
source pad when unlinking.

And I also set GST_DEBUG=4 to get the log

Succ log:

Fail log:

I referred to some examples and materials on the internet, but this issue
still happens.

Would anyone help me to figure out the problem?

Thank you very much.
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