Question about building with codecs on Ubuntu linux

Matan Safriel dev.matan at
Mon Nov 29 11:28:25 UTC 2021


I hope this question may fit in this list, I was watching list topics for a
while trying to decide on that.

I couldn't get codecs to work in my local setup, as I described here in
full on AskUbuntu
actually have a gstreamer tag). Sorry for the reference to a website, but
the format there is very conducive to a full proper description. Perhaps
it's very simple to anyone to have a look and advise as I've not found a
solution anywhere.

I would like to have a working environment as a step on the way to building
from source.

I also got confused about which plugins come with which package, which is
more of a packaging aspect, but in general about the plugin registration
aspect and the division of plugins among "good", "bad" and one other
category, which would probably be easy to explain, as much as codecs and
plugins have the relationship I think they have.

Thanks and apologies for the hassle,

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