GES 1.18.4, seeing CPU starvation (but not in 1.16.3)

David Ing ding at
Tue Oct 5 19:30:29 UTC 2021

Basically I have a GstPipeline which contains a GESTimeline and then some
third party encoders/muxers.

*The problem is:*

When the pipeline runs under Gstreamer 1.16.3, I typically reach 100% CPU
usage (which is what I want).  But under Gstreamer 1.18.4, it is more like
40% CPU usage (and the job takes longer).

*Extra details:*

I observed the problems on both platforms that I checked.

   - Windows MSVC
      - Fedora (via gst-build)

I have some files on a gfolder here
illustrate the problem.

   - *cpu_under_utilization.png* shows CPU usage over time:
         - The first bump is the pipeline running under Gstreamer 1.16.3
         - The next bump is the pipeline running under Gstreamer 1.18.4
      - *playing_1.16.3.svg* shows the pipeline on 1.16.3
      - *playing_1.18.4.svg* shows the pipeline on 1.18.4 (it looks the

*My questions are*:

   1. Does anyone know of some changes (perhaps related to threading) that
   might be causing this issue?
   2. What is a good way to diagnose this problem?
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