http src and gif error

杨 立明 yanglm488 at
Wed Oct 13 01:31:31 UTC 2021

Hi,all :

         I want to use elements about avdemux_gif and avdec_gif by gst-libav and ffmpeg  to show a gif picture, but an error appear in avdemux_gif  by  avformat_open_input.i think  the gif element will  work well  on  pull  mode but can not  in  push mode,but in this  pipeline ,the  http  src  is  push  mode and  gif element it reports  error.what should i do for  this error?Add push mode  and seek function  in http  src  element?or  add  other  gif  element by other  gif lib?Does the gstreamer  has other  gif  decode  element ?Thank you!

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