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Wed Oct 13 19:24:24 UTC 2021


I spent some time digging through the api docs but am not sure whether
these items are supported in the library, the FAQ pointed me at this
mailing list for asking. I am wondering whether it should be a very robust
use case to use gstreamer for a simple video playback application of the
following kind ―

I would like to have a video play while it is being
programmatically controlled by my own code. The reason for this being that
I am developing air-gesture for video control. It is not mandatory for my
use case (not in the foreseeable future) that each and every video encoding
format on earth would work, I'd gladly do with just a few of the more
popular ones or ones that can be converted into a format where the below
can be accomplished.

So, here's the list of features I would like to have in my player, more or
less in order of importance, the point being that I'd like my code to
robustly control these aspects in real-time as the video is playing (my
gesture recognition logic would have to trigger them and know their
execution status) ...

   1. Control audio loudness and mute / un-mute.
   2. Pause and un-pause the playback
   3. Jump back (and forward) arbitrary to arbitrary locations (times) in
   the video.
   4. Speed up and slow down the playback compared to the video's original
   pace (without stopping the playback).
   5. Stretch ― fast forward and go back from the current video position to
   arbitrary video points while having a fast play effect between the current
   and target video locations (times).
   6. Really stretch ― zoom into a particular section of the video as it is

So I wonder whether these items are features of the gstreamer library api.
And in case they are, would you be able to point me in the right direction?
I am also open to obtaining contractor work for developing such an
application (and helping integrate it with a separate gesture recognition

Thanks and kind regards,
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