qtdemux doesn't parse stream metadata?

Serhiy Stetskovych patriotyk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 21:46:33 UTC 2021

Hi all.,

I have to copy hls and mpeg-dash streams to the file. But only audio
streams with specific tag language.
So with hls everything works well. I use tsdemux for that stream and inside
'have-pad' event I am able to get stream from the pad and further taglist.
But with mpeg-dash I use qtdemux and in the 'have-pad' event I am not able
to get taglist because the stream is empty. But I am able to get stream id
which is correct.

Can somebody explain me what is going on, and why there is such differences
between demuxers? How could I get that tag list?

Thank you very much.
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