How verify good/ugly/bad plugin is properly installed in Windows

Angela Yan yanyan9 at
Tue Apr 19 02:55:55 UTC 2022

Hi Team,

GStreamer Version: 1.20.1
OS: Win10

I have installed MSVC 64-bit and MinGW 64-bit in the system. I even managed to compile AWS Kinesis Video Stream Producer plugin successfully. But now when I try to run certain pipeline, it says 'no element or plugin' for certain element. May I know how to verify the base/good/ugly/bad plugin are properly installed in Windows?

Eg. I can find libgstplayback.dll in MinGW installation directory but in msvc directory, there are only, libgstplayback.a file.

Not sure if it matters, first time install of MSVC and MinGW were using 'typical' installation and later launch the installer again, and modify the installation by manually select every single component. Also tried the 'complete installation' as an over-installation on existing installation.

Thank you,
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