When should I send a starting seek?

Marianna Smidth Buschle msb at qtec.com
Thu Apr 21 08:04:49 UTC 2022

Try increasing the debug level of 'qtdemux', so you can get more 
information on the specific error.

Moreover since it works with 'gst-launch' but fails with a custom app 
the problem is probably related to dynamic linking.
One simple option to work around it could be to use 'gst_parse_launch()' 
inside your app and let it handle the linking.

Otherwise you can go back to 'uridecodebin' and do the SEEK by 
pre-rolling first (I guess that just means waiting for the PAUSED state?).

The way I have always done my SEEKing is by waiting for the pipeline to 
be into PLAYING and then sending a flushing SEEK to the pipeline object.
And I mostly use 'gst_parse_launch()' so I don't have to handle the 
linking timings myself.

Moreover, some elements allow you to set the segment format which might 
help you to get rid of the 'assertion 'segment->format == format'' error.
Or you can try changing the segment format on the SEEK event.

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On 20.04.2022 21.28, gstreamer-devel-request at lists.freedesktop.org wrote:
> I've spent quite a lot of time attempting to debug this with no breakthrough. It may be that I'm missing something very obvious in the documentation, but it's not from lack of trying or RTFM-ing!
> Below (and attached) is a smallish reproducer case, the smallest I can make it. It creates a pipeline successfully with "uridecodebin" but fails to with "nleurisource". Any help would be very appreciated!
> Any help would be very appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Tom

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