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Jon Lovewell jon at
Fri Apr 29 07:31:43 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I am experimenting with Step Events and have encountered a strange issue.

I have 2 different matroska files, each containing H.264 video.  With one I can successfully step forwards and backwards one frame at a time but with the other behaves differently.

With the first file I can see the position change and also see durations > 0 when parsing the Step Done message when I step forwards and backwards.

With the second file, when stepping backwards the position doesn't change and duration is always 0 when parsing the Step Done Message.  When stepping forward I usually see the same as I do with the first file but when changing direction the duration may be 0 for a number of steps.

I am using GStreamer V1.20.1 and my pipeline is simply playbin provided with the uri for the file I wish to play.

When the step involves a change of direction, I do a seek first and then carry out the step on receipt of AsyncDone.

I would welcome any help, pointers or information on how to debug this.

Many thanks



Does anyone know whether Gst Sharp is going to be updated from 1.18 to 1.20?

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