alsasink: play audio on a specific channel

Ádám Balázs broothy at
Mon Aug 15 05:49:39 UTC 2022


I have a multi channel audio card and would like to use the different
channels for different purposes (e.g. one channel to play alarm sounds, one
channel to play vocal sounds, one channel to play voice conferencing,
etc...). How can I specify which channel GStreamer alsasink should use to
play the audio? I can specify the device property, but how to select a
specific output channel(s)? E.g.:

 (...) ! audio/x-raw, rate=16000, channels=1, format=S16LE ! alsasink

How to select e.g. output channel 5 on device "hw:0,0" to play the single
incoming audio channel on?

Thanks, Adam
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