gst-play-1.0 - why no reversed play direction on non-compressed audio (wav, aiff) ?

Michael Z Freeman michael at
Sun Aug 21 11:40:20 UTC 2022


I'm not familiar with gstreamer so please forgive me if some of this seems obvious.

Reverse playback works fine on compressed audio files like mp3 and opus but when playing 
wav and aiff I get "Could not change playback rate to -1.00". 

What is gstreamer doing @ 982 ? ...


play_set_rate_and_trick_mode (GstPlay * play, gdouble rate,
    GstPlayTrickMode mode)
  gint64 pos = -1;

  g_return_val_if_fail (rate != 0, FALSE);

  if (!gst_element_query_position (play->playbin, GST_FORMAT_TIME, &pos))
    return FALSE;

  return play_do_seek (play, pos, rate, mode);


This is what is called @ 1077 which gives working reverse with mp3 and opus but not wav or 
aiff. I can't see what is treating wav and aiff differently.




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