Reg: webrtcbin plugin for streaming without STUN/TURN

Michiel Konstapel michiel at
Tue Aug 23 15:02:01 UTC 2022

Looks like might be suitable 
for your use case. Using webrtcbin directly needs quite a lot of 
additional code for signalling (which has nothing to do with STUN/TURN; 
you indeed don't need those on a local network). I've never used it 
though, I did go through, as the linked page says, "difficult exercise" 
of using it directly :)


On 22-08-2022 11:21, Akshaya Natarajan via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use webrtcbin but without STUN/TURN server as ideally, 
> both my devices are in a local network and I want to use WebRTC to 
> stream my camera to the other device using SRTP. I've been successful 
> at sending my camera stream to another device using GStreamer + SRTP + 
> NVH264ENC . I just want to put what I've already done inside the 
> webrtcbin plugin, but I can't really understand how to do that because 
> there's very limited information on the internet about the plugin 
> itself. Trying to reach out the dev ist to see if anyone has done 
> something similar. Hope someone can help me out / guide me in the 
> correct path?
> For your reference these are the sender and receiver commands :
> Sender: gst-launch-1.0 -v autovideosrc location=/dev/video0 ! 
> videoconvert ! nvh264enc ! rtph264pay ! "application/x-rtp, 
> payload=(int)96, ssrc=(uint)1356955624, encoding-name=H264" ! srtpenc 
> key="987654321001234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789" ! 
> udpsink host= port=5201
> Receiver: gst-launch-1.0 udpsrc port=5201 caps='application/x-srtp, 
> encoding-name=H264, ssrc=(uint)1356955624, 
> srtp-key=(buffer)987654321001234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789, 
> srtp-cipher=(string)aes-128-icm, srtp-auth=(string)hmac-sha1-80, 
> srtcp-cipher=(string)aes-128-icm, srtcp-auth=(string)hmac-sha1-80, 
> roc=(uint)0' ! srtpdec ! rtph264depay ! decodebin ! autovideosink 
> sync=false
> Cheers,
> Akshaya
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