Unable to execute GStreamer commands

Chandramouli P moulicto at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 11:43:39 UTC 2022


I am trying to install the latest stable version of GStreamer from the
source on Ubuntu 18.04 server edition.

   - Installed all required dependencies
   - git clone https://github.com/GStreamer/gstreamer.git
   - git clone https://github.com/GStreamer/gst-rtsp-server.git
   - git clone https://github.com/GStreamer/gst-plugins-base.git
   - git clone https://github.com/GStreamer/gst-examples.git
   - cd gstreamer
   - meson builddir
   - ninja -C builddir
   - meson test -C builddir --list
   - meson test -C builddir --suite gst-rtsp-server

After completing the above steps, I didn't get any errors. But, when I am
trying to run any GStreamer commands like gst-launch, gst-inspect,
gst-stats, etc., I am not getting anything and giving "command not found".
I must be missing something. Can anyone tell me what step I am missing?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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