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Mon Dec 5 09:05:21 UTC 2022

On Sun, 2022-12-04 at 15:52 +0200, Mattias Nordstrom via gstreamer-
devel wrote:
> I'm trying to make a small self contained binary in Rust using
> GStreamer and a couple of plugins. Can the Rust bindings already
> somehow utilize a gstreamer-full static compilation? If not, are
> there any other ways to make a self-contained binary that is
> smallish? Primary target is Windows.

Theoretically this works, but there seems to be a bug currently that
prevents it from working successfully with gobject-introspection:
I think if you disable gobject-introspection then it will work

If I understand you correctly, you're writing your application in Rust?
In that case you can directly depend on the Rust plugins in your
Cargo.toml and statically link them that way, which depending on the
plugin also gives you direct access to some more API (e.g. enum types).

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