Problem with GstQueryAllocation pool refcount

Edgar Thier edgar.thier at
Wed Dec 7 06:29:12 UTC 2022

> This is because the method to store a pool in the query is not a
> "transfer:floating" method. From the doc, you can see "transfer: none"
> annotation.

Please excuse my confusion:
I was under the impression that "transfer: none: either means that
- the refcount will not be increased and the query will only hold a pointer
- the query will increase the refcount so as to not have a potentially invalid pointer
  but also unref as soon as it does not need the pool anymore
Whereas "transfer: full" implies that I as the caller should not touch the transferred object
from here on as everything is handled by the called.

It seems that I am having wrong expectations concerning the behavior of "transfer: none".
If anyone could help me clear up that misinterpretation that would be much appreciated!

Thank you,


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