Disposing and finalizing in dynamic pipelines

Frederik Leth devfrederik at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 08:17:18 UTC 2022

I have a dynamic pipeline containing multiple bins. Some of the bins are
added and removed during runtime.
When I add or remove the bin, I use idle probes before linking/unlinking. I
carefully unref all pads and elements.
When I look into the gstreamer log, I can see that the bins are never
disposed/finalized before the entire pipeline has been torn down. The
documentation says when the reference count is 0, the element will be
finalized. Can the pipeline have any references
to the elements inside a 'local' bin ?
Removing a bin from the pipeline, shouldn't the bin (and all the elements
inside the bin) be disposed and finalized ? Seems like the pipeline still
has e reference (or something to the bins removed).

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