Trouble with v4l2loopback and mpeg2/mpeg-ts stream

Dave Blanchard dave at
Fri Dec 23 05:53:58 UTC 2022

I've got an SRT server with a MPEG2/MPEG-TS video stream that I'd like to make available on a v4l2 loopback device. Here is a sample configuration:

gst-launch-1.0 \
    srtsrc uri=srt://localhost:4003 \
           wait-for-connection=false \
    ! "video/mpegts, width=704, height=480, framerate=30/1, format=I420" \
    ! tsparse \
    ! queue \
    ! v4l2sink device=/dev/video53 

ffmpeg/ffplay won't play this video at all; it quits with the following error:

[video4linux2,v4l2 @ 0x7fcc90000c80] Cannot find a proper format for codec 'none' (id 0), pixel format 'none' (id -1)

Attempting to specify the codec and pixel format manually doesn't seem to help.

mplayer is sort-of able to play the stream, and there is a semi-recognizable image, but it's all blocky and corrupted, with a lot of errors printed on the console.

Anyone got an idea what the problem is? Thanks.

Dave Blanchard <dave at>

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