playbin3 picking wrong h265 decoder

Bill Hofmann bill at
Wed Dec 28 19:09:12 UTC 2022


On 1.21.3, with a build that I have verified includes vah265dec, with a
graph that looks like:

playbin3 uri=""
    video-sink="kmssink name=kmssink0 connector-id=308 plane-id=31
    audio-sink="volume name=volume0 volume=0.01 ! alsasink name=alsa

I note that it looks like avdec_h265 is getting picked for the decoder, and
it is having problems keeping up with the stream. I know (from a hand-built
graph) that the VA versions keep up reasonably well (4k h265 Main10 L5.1

I recall that there was some way of changing priorities of different
plugins, but for the life of me, can't find out where that is documented.

Any hints?  Perhaps this belongs somewhere in the decodebin/playbin docs?

Gonna be moving to uridecodebin3, for other reasons, but I expect I'd have
the same problem there.

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