What a pity

Vadim K vkx86 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 3 06:51:30 UTC 2022

I was actually in the same boat as you.
At end my firm hired expert that hopefully will sort out that small pitfalls I have with GStreamer, which is good framework IMO, but requires a deep dive.


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gstreamer seems very nice in concept. The fact that I've been trying for 3
months and can get no help is a big deterent.
This email (especially the title) comes across as passive-aggressive, which
isn't pleasant.

I did not mean it that way, sorry! What you are really seeing is absolute desperation. After months (literally) googling, pouring over the mail lists, many mild, detailed and polite queries not getting a glimmer of response, building from source, great angish rears it's ugly head.
As I said this thread attracted more comment than any of my others, so thanks lots.

To recap: I want to take a v4l2src a pulsesrc and save to a file.

If that fails what measurements can I make to find why.
Reading QoS error, this computer may be too slow does not fit a 4 core i7 @4.8GHz.

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