Running GStreamer on on Windows 10 Secure Host Baseline (SHB) with an Host-Based Security System (HBSS)

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> So my question is there a complete list of what dlls GStreamer needs to
load and from what expected paths? Has anyone out there had this issue and
tried to solve it without admin credentials?

You have three kinds of DLL dependencies here.

1) The DLLs that your app links to. You're supposed to use a utility like
DependencyWalker <>, or the newer Dependencies
<>, or this set of python scripts I
wrote <> to get the
full list of those DLLs.
2) The plugins that your app links to. For that, you can set
GST_DEBUG=GST_PLUGIN_LOADING:4 in the env and run your app. That will print
all plugins that were loaded by your app (this only works once the
gstreamer registry cache has been created -- gstreamer will load *all
plugins* while creating the cache)
3) The DLL dependencies of your plugins. For that, use the same technique
that you used for your app in (1)

If you were trying to create a packaging or continuous integration system
that ensures that the right DLLs are always packaged correctly, this is
what you would use.

If you want to get a one-off list, there's a funny trick. Run your app
against a copy of the gstreamer prefix and exercise all the features. Then,
while the app is still running, try to delete the in-use gstreamer prefix
and skip all "file in use" errors. Whatever is left behind is the list of
files your app needs ;-)

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