how to write a custom bin

tom tomschuring at
Wed Jan 26 21:54:51 UTC 2022

I would like to wrap a part of my pipeline in a single bin so I can wrap
some of the data-probes in an element and we can use it as a single element
using gst-launch-1.0.

What base class should I use ? It's not really a Transformation , more of a
So i used GstBin as the base 'class', setup my elements in the init(),
connected up the data-probes
but when I gst-inspect-1.0 the element it doesn't pickup the sink and src
pads of the internal pipeline.

1. Am i heading in the right direction with using GstBin ?
2. Is there an example of a custom bin that i can look at ?
3. Do i need to create my own sink and source pads manually and link them
to the internal pipeline or can I use the pads from the ends of the
internal pipeline directly ?

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