FollowUp: H264 stream without vui-parameters not handled correctly any more

Nicolas Dufresne nicolas at
Tue Mar 15 18:04:19 UTC 2022

Le lundi 14 mars 2022 à 09:31 +0100, Pascal Speck via gstreamer-devel a écrit :
> so the framerate 0/1 is "bounded" to 1/65536. So for coda 0/1 does not seem to be something "valid" and the S_PARAM iocl is then returning 1/65535 which is then not accepted by the rest of gstreamer
> because it's a valid framerate and not an "unknown" one...
> ----------------------------------------
> I really don't know which is the correct way to fix this:
> 1. fix coda to allow a 0/1 as a "valid" framerate.
> 2. fix gstv4l2object.c to not take the bounded framerate.
> 3. something else...

Interesting founding, please file an issue with this precious data. I'm not sure
V4L2 API have the notion of "variable framerate", we probably should just
special case it everywhere in gstv4l2 and not bug the driver about it.

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