Muxing halts when no audio stream

Nirbheek Chauhan nirbheek.chauhan at
Mon Mar 21 19:11:00 UTC 2022

On Sat, Mar 19, 2022 at 9:15 PM Peter Biro via gstreamer-devel
<gstreamer-devel at> wrote:
> I want to improve the reliability by making the file writing continuous regardless if I have the audio or not (by making the audio is optional). I already tried to add an audio mixer which would mix a muted audio stream (audiotestsrc wave=silence) but that adds extra resource usage and I feel that its more like a workaround since the root cause is that the muxer is waiting for the audio stream.

This is actually the correct solution. You can eliminate most of the
overhead by muting the audiomixer sinkpad on which silence is

I don't know if the matroska format supports GAP-like instructions for
audio or video, but I would imagine it's unlikely.


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