gstreamer integration in Windows app - DLL dependencies on different PCs

MK pikim at
Tue Mar 22 11:28:48 UTC 2022


I've written a DLL plugin for a 3rd party application which initially
only used libjpeg for motion JPEG support. I used a VisualStudio (2017)
template which the 3rd party supplier provides as starting point. That
worked fine.

To be able to support other stream formats, I switched to gstreamer
instead of libjpeg. I can build the plugin and it works fine on the PC
where it was compiled (let's call it PC1). When I copy all the files to
another PC (PC2), the 3rd party application fails to load the DLL,
because of some missing DLL dependencies. When I compile the project on
PC2, it works well on PC2. But the version from PC2 fails on PC1.

I checked the dependencies with 'Dependencies' and noticed that on PC1
the missing DLLs differ from the missing DLLs on PC2. But even the
required DLLs differ from PC1 to PC2.

Does anyone have an idea what could cause this behavior?

Best regards,

PS: both versions do not run on PC3.

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