WebRTCBin: weird delay before stream starts

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Thu Mar 24 07:38:58 UTC 2022

On 24/03/2022 07:46, Nirbheek Chauhan wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 3:00 AM Florian Echtler <floe at butterbrot.org> wrote:
>> Therefore, I've tried to just set the config interval to 1 (1 second) right now,
>> and that seems to have made quite a difference - thank you!
> You're welcome!

😁️👍️ BTW, how does the browser figure this out if the information isn't in the 
H.264 stream at first? "Sideloading" from the SDP?

>> One partly-related follow-up question: I've originally taken the pipeline
>> description from a bit of webrtc-bin example C code, but I've never fully
>> understood the reason for having two queues with exactly these max-size
>> parameters. Could you (or anyone else) fill in a bit of detail here?
> I don't think those parameters are needed. Where did you see that?


Based on the other examples I've seen, it's still a good idea to wrap the 
encoder between two queues, correct? (just maybe not with these parameters)

Best, Florian
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