getting exact delay in a video stream

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Thu Mar 24 09:54:20 UTC 2022

hope you are doing well.I am a student trying to learn about gstreamer. Can
you please answer my question.

I am receiving a video stream from client A to client B  in gstreamer using
webrtc  , at client B i want to display that video stream exactly 5 sec
from the time at which the video RTP packets was captured at client A Can
you please give me some pointers.
tried to add the latency of 5 seconds using set_latancy api but i am
getting some extra delay
 (time it takes for the stream to reach to client B ) + 5 s
I also tried to add the jitterbuffer of 5 sec at client B but still getting
extra delay
I also tried to add the queue of 5 sec but still getting extra delay

extra delay of 1- 30 ms is bearable for my application

      Thank you very much for your time.
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