gst-inspect details on plugins from template

t1mbre at t1mbre at
Sun Mar 27 20:04:34 UTC 2022

Hi folks, 

   I have a working plugin subclassed from GstPushSrc. By working I mean I
can put it in a pipeline and get the pixels I expect.

  What I don't see is most of the details from gst-inspect-1.0.  It looks
like I'm getting the details from GST_PLUGIN _DEFINE, but I'm not getting
info on pad templates, factory details, the gobject inheritance hierarchy,

  I tried clearing the registry and resetting GST_PLUGIN_PATH without

  I ran ldd on my .so and compared it to the ones that come with the system.
They have the same dependencies (though in slightly different order). All
dependencies are found.

 I tried running gst-element-maker on all the templates in
element-templates. The ones that produce .so files also show the missing
details. So maybe I messed up my environment?

  What am I missing?



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