webrtcdsp voice activity detection

Rob Agar rob at engineeredarts.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 09:16:40 UTC 2022

Thanks Nicolas, that's very helpful :)

It seems to be working now - any tips for getting the best results, 
specifically for detecting a person speaking with background noise?  Or 
to make it even harder, background chatter

I see that /webrtc-audio-processing/ is up to version 1.1 in the source 
repo... has there been any significant changes or improvements since the 
0.3.1 release that Ubuntu has packaged?


On 30/03/2022 18:18, Nicolas Dufresne via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Le mercredi 30 mars 2022 à 16:37 +0100, Rob Agar via gstreamer-devel a écrit :
>> Hi all
>> I'm looking at the webrtcdsp plugin with a view to using it to detect people
>> speaking, but it's not terribly clear how to use it programmatically.
>> Is there any example code for voice activity detection?
> I must admit, the documentation could be improved. The voice activity will be
> delivered using an element message. So you can handle this similarly to other
> messages (EOS, ERROR, etc.). The type is GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT, it will contain a
> GstStructure with a name set to "voice-activity". So something like:
> const GstStructure *s = gst_message_get_structure (msg);
> if (msg->type == GST_MESSAGE_ELEMENT && gst_structure_has_name (s, "voice-activity")) {
>    gboolean has_voice = FALSE;
>    gst_structure_get_boolean (s, "stream-has-voice", &have_voice);
>    . . .
> }
> As a reference, heres the code the emit the message:
>    s = gst_structure_new ("voice-activity",
> "stream-time", G_TYPE_UINT64, stream_time,
> "stream-has-voice", G_TYPE_BOOLEAN, stream_has_voice, NULL);
> GST_LOG_OBJECT (self, "Posting voice activity message, stream %s voice",
> stream_has_voice ? "now has" : "no longer has");
> gst_element_post_message (GST_ELEMENT (self),
> gst_message_new_element (GST_OBJECT (self), s));
> If you need more fine grain information, the state of the voice activity is also
> available inside GstAudioLevelMeta, which is attached to every buffer.
> Nicolas
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