Smooth realtime control of audio amplitude for individual audio tracks during playback

Joachim Gossmann yogle38 at
Tue May 17 01:41:57 UTC 2022

Hi -

I would like to implement a realtime audio mixer:

Stream multichannel audio with GStreamer but then allow the receiver/file-player to control the playback volume of individual tracks in realtime, ideally minimizing latency/response time, but most of all: without artifacts/clicks.

I seem to be unable to achieve realtime interactive volume control without step artifacts (*)
Is there a possibility within the GStreamer framework, and if not: How do I get the audio out of GStreamer into another accessible framework (on iOS in my case, or alternatively: Unity).

Cheers, j

((*) I am currently using instances of GstTimedValueControlSource, GstControlSource on the 'Volume"-field of audiomixer element, scheduling gst_timed_value_control_source_set with a time elapsed since the stream/file-playback was started.)

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