PTS Offset to Add Artificial Delay Not Working

Michiel Konstapel michiel at
Tue May 17 13:12:35 UTC 2022

Yes, by default the queue is limited to 200 buffers, 1 MB, or 1 second 
of data - whichever limit is hit first. You can check the default values 
in the docs:

So for a 5 second queue, you can set max-size-buffers and max-size-bytes 
to zero (no limit) and max-size-time to 5000000000.

On 17-05-2022 09:49, Abrar Shahriar wrote:
> I tried adding Queue plugins both before and after, still no success. 
> Do I need to set some params of the Queue elements?
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> You may need to ensure that you have at least 5 seconds of queue 
> capacity, because the buffers will have to be held somewhere before 
> they can be processed at the later PTS. I don't know if this needs to 
> be before the probed pad, or before the downstream element that cares 
> about the PTS (sink, muxer, mixer, encoder, ..?)
> Kind regards,
> Michiel
> On 16-05-2022 11:05, Abrar Shahriar via gstreamer-devel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried to add 5 seconds (in ns) to the PTS values on the incoming 
>> buffers in a probe, but I see no delay. I tried it for both audio 
>> and video streams.
>> What could be the reason for it not working? I thought PTS could be 
>> used to adjust delay?
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