SRT persistency

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Wed May 18 09:52:58 UTC 2022

Hello again Stéphane,

The branch that you sent me did indeed fix the problem that I had, thank you very much. I hope that it eventually gets accepted to the main branch.

As for the srtsink situation, in my case I need the sink to keep retrying to establish the connection if it is not there, so I will implement that feature.

Best regards,
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Hello Miguel,

Happy that this MR could help you with your scenario.

Regarding your suggestion, I would say that the caller by definition should exit if the connection can not be established, otherwise you should use the listener option.



On 5/17/22 11:34, Miguel Leão via gstreamer-devel wrote:
Hello Stéphane,

That seems to be what I need, I will give it a try and get back to you later. Thank you very much!

In the meantime I am also having troubles with the srtsink, and maybe you can help me. I think that there's a bug in the srtsink element, as it should not be writing to the buffer if there's no session established (in SRT the buffer timestamps are attributed according to the session "timestamp").

So for example, if I have a pipeline like this:
gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc ! videoconvert ! x265enc tune=zerolatency ! queue ! h265parse config-interval=-1 ! mpegtsmux alignment=7 latency=0 ! srtsink uri="srt://" latency=125 wait-for-connection=false async=false
and there's no srtsrc active, this pipeline will crash because it's trying to write to the buffer without establishing the session.

In my opinion, the element should discard the buffers until it establishes a connection.

Do you know if someone has addressed this issue?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Miguel,

There is a pending merge request about this topic.

You can give it a try and let know if this is addressing your issue.



On 5/2/22 16:33, Miguel Leão via gstreamer-devel wrote:

I am developing SRT pipelines, and I want to be able to stop the signal that is being sent to the pipeline and restart it. The problem is, when the signal is turned off the srtsink sends an EOS signal to the pipeline shutting it down. Is there any way to circumvent this or is this behaviour standard?

Thanks in advance,
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