audiolatency Plugin Values Shows High Values In Certain Cases

Abrar Shahriar abrar.shahriar at
Mon May 23 08:56:52 UTC 2022


I have been using audiolatency with some custom Gst apps, it usually shows 40-50ms, but when using the sample cmd line pipeline (

gst-launch-1.0 -v autoaudiosrc ! audiolatency print-latency=true ! autoaudiosink

), it shows around 200-300ms.

I made a custom app mirroring the sample pipeline, this app also shows 200-300ms.

There is usually a big jump after the first print like so-
last latency: 44ms, running average: 44ms
last latency: 1025ms, running average: 535ms
last latency: 175ms, running average: 415ms
last latency: 215ms, running average: 365ms
last latency: 173ms, running average: 326ms
​What is the mechanism behind this? Is there a way to constantly get 40-50ms?



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