MP4 Video from SplitMuxSink Lags in Quick Time Player But Not VLC Player

Dwight Kulkarni dwight at
Mon May 30 16:42:18 UTC 2022

Hi all,

I am using splitmuxsink element to save videos using the following:
splitmuxsink name=filesink location=./videos/video%02d.mkv
max-size-time=3000000000 muxer-properties="properties,streamable=true"

We noticed that the video was playing with a lag when using the EXOPlayer
on Android. That is to say about 20 seconds or so the video falls behind by
2 seconds of the actual time.

We are trying to pin down is it the exoPlayer/Android that is lagging, or
is there some incompatibility with the encoding of the video.

When we used VLC Player to check it, it seems to play fine. But when using
Quick Time player it is also showing a lag.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before ?   Should I try changing the
muxer from the default to a different one ?


Dwight Kulkarni
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