Onvif-backchannel with autoaudiosrc

s_kamiya at toa.co.jp s_kamiya at toa.co.jp
Wed Nov 16 00:01:59 UTC 2022


How do you feel about the following?

I also tried the audiorate element. The crackling disappeared, but the 
sound stopped after a few seconds.
I think the caps will be unique by going through the mulawenc element.

Could you give me some advice?

Best regards,

> Hi
> I'm Kamiya.
> I run the following Onvif backchannel example and was successful.
> https://github.com/GStreamer/gst-plugins-good/blob/master/tests/
> examples/rtsp/test-onvif.c
> However, regarding the pipeline "audiotestsrc is-live=true wave=red-
> noise ! mulawenc ! rtppcmupay ! appsink name=out",
> If I change audiotestsrc to autoaudiosrc, the sound becomes choppy and 
> Could you let me know if there is any additional processing required?
> Best regards,
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