Applying shader to multiple input pads

Matthew Waters ystreet00 at
Wed Nov 16 10:45:23 UTC 2022


Just as a note, that there does exist a private implementation of a GL 
mixing base class within the OpenGL elements that should probably be 
moved to the library for others to use.  This is


On 12/11/22 00:48, Jonas Danielsson via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> Hello!
> We are working on a project where we want to take two video frames 
> (GLMemory)
> from two input pads and perform an operation on GPU using a shader 
> with both
> frames as input. The output from this should be a single video frame in
> GLMemory.
> And we want to do it in Rust. We are a bit stumped on what the best 
> approach
> is for this and was wondering if someone could help us out a bit.
> If we were to implement this as a element in Rust, then what should we 
> use as
> a base class? And what help could we expect to get from it? We managed to
> perform transformations on a singla pad input using GstGLFilter as a 
> parent
> but we are not sure what to use when we want to work on two GLMemory 
> inputs.
> In general do if you have examples of working with multiple input pads 
> in Rust
> we are interested! :)
> All help and documentation tips appreciated!
> Jonas Danielsson

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