Compositor sink stream synchronisation

Terry Barnaby terry1 at
Thu Nov 17 18:06:50 UTC 2022

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your reply.
I haven't tried setting min-latency on the appsrc but I have tried 
"latency=20000000" on the imxcompositor_g2d element and that certainly 
seems to fix my issue and is the fix I am currently using.

But as this has been an intermittent problem, I may have just moved the 
barn door a bit, hence the questioning to see if those in the know think 
that my problem is due to this and what is actually the proper way of 
handling it (should I be setting a latency value on the beamdeinterlace 
element for example?).

On 17/11/2022 17:31, Tim-Philipp Müller wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Do you configure a suitable latency on your appsrc using the "min-
> latency" property?
> Does setting the "latency" property on your compositor help with
> anything? e.g. if you add 100000000 for 100ms (it should make the
> compositor wait for longer; you may need some queues on the input
> branches then too).
> Cheers
>   Tim

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