Interpipe - Switching between two pipelines.

Aravindhan K aravindhank1994 at
Thu Nov 24 06:31:00 UTC 2022

Hi All,

For a video streaming application we are building we wanted to switch over
different sources of video inputs ( One is RTSP source and other HLS
source) and publish those over WebRTC connection. At first we we
investigated using,
it worked well for switching single element, but swapping most of pipeline
didn't go well for us.

then came across this package,
and tried a simple example using C code,
when I try to switch the source pipeline, memory usage goes peeks and gets
terminated by OS. If any used this package before, kindly share some
pointers what I might be doing wrong.

Or any other alternate ways to handle this would be helpful

Aravindhan K
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