Src element changes stream position by itself

Vladan Jovanovic vladan.jovanovic at
Wed Apr 5 13:04:01 UTC 2023


I hope somebody can clarify the following question: what causes the stream
position of a src (uridecodebin3) element in PLAYING state to change when
adding it dynamically to a pipeline (which is also in PLAYING state but
with different base_time and running_time)?

I can see that after a gst_bin_add() of the src element to a pipeline,
base_time of the src element is changed (I understand it is by the pipeline
which manages base_time for all it's elements).

What is confusing is that stream position changes at some point as well
(not by gst_bin_add() though), and I don't understand why. I see there's no
SEEK events being sent by the pipeline sink upwards to the source. So is
position changed by the src element itself because base_time and
running_time are changed when added to the pipeline? Or what is the
mechanism for this change?

Basically looking for a way for src element to keep its stream position and
just continue where it was prior to being added to a new pipeline.

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