how to detect stop of RTSP streaming at source

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Tue Apr 18 13:39:46 UTC 2023

 Thank you for your reply, Will. It is a good idea. It would be nice to have an element or event to handle this scenario.

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Hi Joe,

Not a direct answer to your question, but an idea for a workaround I used that may help you:
I used identity with a hand-off function that simply counts updates, then use a periodic timer to ensure updates keep coming through.
When no buffers have come through, time to terminate!

In my use-case I placed this after the mp4mux as it was refusing to pass data on after some unusual data was received, but it's a flexible approach.

I'd not be surprised if there is a standard pipeline element that does something similar...


 On 17/04/2023 19:01, cfd new via gstreamer-devel wrote:
 how does the receiver(client side) know quickly if the camera is unplugged or simply stops for whatever reasons. I tried to check EOS or ERROR messages from the bus. However, it will take more than 30s to see these messages 
  after the camera is unplugged. This is kind of too long.
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