secure ONVIF audio backchannel

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Fri Apr 21 08:24:17 UTC 2023

On Thu, 2023-04-20 at 17:30 -0400, Ishan Mandrekar via gstreamer-devel
> Has anybody been able to successfully transmit (and receive) SRTP on
> the ONVIF audio backchannel? I don't see any built-in support for it.
> For instance, when the backchannel pipeline is configured with
> ``application/x-srtp`` caps with a srtp decoder plugin in the launch
> line, the SDP generated by the RTSP server does not include the
> ``key-mgmt`` attribute in the media section pertaining to the audio
> backchannel.

SRTP is currently not supported and would need a bit more work than
just handling the caps.
Are you aware of any other ONVIF-compatible software/product supporting
that, and is this documented somewhere how it should work?

Usually ONVIF media transport is done over the TCP/interleaved (HTTP-
tunneled or not) RTSP transport, and that can be encrypted via TLS so
there wouldn't be any need for SRTP in such a scenario.

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