regard to webrtcsink

Daniel E daniedroid at
Thu Feb 9 16:26:59 UTC 2023

is there are plans to directly support that. OK, the way over webrtcbin
would maybe work. But the more interesting question is: How to make
"v4l2h264enc" run?



El jue, 9 feb 2023 a la(s) 09:18, Mathieu Duponchelle (
mathieu at escribió:

> Connect to the new-consumer signal, set up your own data channel on the
> webrtcbin element.
> On Wed, 2023-02-08 at 02:22 -0500, Daniel E via gstreamer-devel wrote:
> > I’m missing data-channel events. Is there any way to make use of the
> > data-channel in my application in a bi-directional way?
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