The future of the GStreamer Java bindings?

Sebastian Dröge sebastian at
Sat Feb 25 16:23:44 UTC 2023

On Sat, 2023-02-25 at 16:48 +0100, Davide Perini via gstreamer-devel
> My knowledge of JNA is not strong and my time for learning JNA/Panama
> is not enough so I'm not able to help Codelerity in this currently.

I don't think anybody of the GStreamer developers has enough knowledge
about Java/JNA/Panama either to take over maintenance of the bindings.
And even if, it's quite a time commitment. I wouldn't have the time to
maintain another set of bindings next to the Rust ones.

That (AFAIU) the bindings are completely manually written instead of
making use of code generation based on the gobject-introspection data
is not helping much either to keep the effort required for maintenance

It's sad for the Java bindings to become unmaintained but if there's
nobody who wants to take over maintenance then there's little that can
be done.
It's the same story with the C++ gstreamermm bindings, and I expect the
C# bindings to be in the same position sooner or later if nobody
actively picks them up.

FWIW, there's another set of Java bindings which are mostly
I personally didn't try those and as they're quite new I expect a few
issues to be found once people start using them, but at least they're
actively developed and maybe something more future-proof.

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