Audio only playback with playbin

hjuvi freedesktop-ml at
Wed Jan 11 15:20:18 UTC 2023

> When the video flag is switched off, playbin will ignore any video streams in the file. The video
> won't even be decoded, compared to fakevideosink that will still do decoding and then discard the
> frames.

That's what I was suspecting in the first place, that the video was uselessly decoded and then discarded when using a fakesink.
So I will definitely use the "flags" solution to disable the video. This is the right way to do it.

> If you want to see what the pipeline looks like inside, you can dump a dot graph following

I'll have a look at that.

Thanks a lot, it seems to solve my issue (I'll check with some more videos, but it seems OK for the moment), and it also prevents the application from uselessly decoding video frames, and saves CPU. Great!...

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