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James jam at
Thu Jan 12 23:34:24 UTC 2023

I've been trying to use OMX on rockpi 4. They have omx versions of h264 enc and dec but due to a kernel bug on THAT kernel they don't run !!
I asked about gstreamer on their forum. It received ZERO replies. Lots of googling pointed at Mekotronics. Chatting with them they support omx on debian image only (not android, not ubuntu, not buildroot) <>

I want preview and record a couple of channels with audio on the recording so I'm looking for omx 1080 display and for enc for recording on ARM.

I ordered the above, but am still waiting a month later "Sorry, the whole factory got covid"

Are there any nice stories from people who have done done sp on arm.
Ive got my system running near perfectly on i7. I'll post another thread to ask about that
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