rtspsrc disconnect - reconnect best practices

Scot Zarkiewicz scotzark at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 05:11:33 UTC 2023

Hi All-

As usual, thanks in advance for all the input on this and my other
questions.  This is truly an amazing group that donates their time to this

My question is if there are any best practices for reconnecting an rtspsrc
after a disconnect occurs from an IP camera.  The disconnect can be from
any number of normal conditions like power failures, etc.

I have been reading up on some approaches to this, but wondering if there
are any best practices for handling this situation.  For instance is it as
simple as just re-starting the pipeline (Set pipeline state to NULL and
then to PLAY?).  Or is there another approach that is considered better?

I am monitoring connectivity to my camera devices external to Gstreamer so
wouldn't be restarting the pipeline until I am confident it will reconnect.
Are there other approaches to this from a purely Gstreamer implementation?


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